Welcome to JRK Enterprise, owned and operated by professional hypnotist Jason Kropidlowski. This site provides a resource for booking high-quality comedy hypnosis entertainment for an array of events, performed by seasoned professionals.

All of our performers are full-time career hypnotists—not hobbyists—with many years of both stage and clinical experience to ensure that you’re working with a true master of the trade. Our goal is simple: to provide you and guests with an unforgettably entertaining time, while working hard to earn your trust and business for future events.

Our Performers

You won’t find any actors, here. All of our performers are highly trained hypnotists
from across the country with extensive clinical and stage experience
Jason Kropidlowski Hypnotist
Comedy Stage Hypnotist Robbie Spier Miller
Hypno Lorenzo
Tommy’s Comedy Hypnosis
Hire a Hypnotist for your High school

High School

High schools are always in need of entertainment for students and staff alike!  Be it a school assembly, a post-prom function, a project-graduation event, staff development event, faculty appreciation dinners, or fundraising, a clean interactive comedy hypnosis show will make your event a hit!  Ideal for alumni reunions and homecoming events and school fairs too!

Corporate Hypnosis Show


Corporations are typically in need of live entertainment for numerous group events, such as employee appreciation dinners, annual training events,  customer appreciation events, and holiday parties.  Don't get stuck flopping with a run-of-the-mill DJ or live band as most corporations do.  Stand out and make your event a success with quality interactive entertainment!   

Hypnosis Fundraisers


Let's face it, we are all tired of selling (and buying) the same old candy, popcorn, chicken or spaghetti dinners, candle, entertainment coupon books, etc. that ALL other associations are also selling for their fundraisers.    Why not easily sell tickets for a live, interactive comedy hypnosis show that will set yourself apart from the rest, while raising the stakes on your fundraising possibilities!  

College Hypnosis Shows


Higher education, what a wonderful time to experience all life has to offer.Many student life and recreation committees are constantly seeking fun, safe activities to occupy and engage their students.  Not only the college committees themselves, but also sororities and fraternities are in need of entertainment for their "house parties" and fundraising events.   Ideal for family week events and alumni reunions.

Hotel & Resort Hypnotist

Hotel / Resorts / Campgrounds

Guest satisfaction and entertainment are the keys to keeping them coming back and standing out from the competition.  Give your lodging guests a reason to choose your destination, by hosting comedy hypnosis shows.  From family friendly, to adult only themed shows, your facility is sure to create lasting memories while adding additional revenue from food and beverages sales during the entertainment.

Hire a Convention Center Hypnotist

Conventions / Conferences / Fairs

Entertainment often attracts people to conventions, conferences and fairs, increasing the success of your event.  Hosting a live interactive comedy hypnosis show at yours boosts attendance, keep guests in attendance longer, and often brings attendees back year after year.  perfect for local and state fairs, trade or collector conventions, educational conferences, anime events, and much more!

Private Event Hypnosis Show

Private Event Hypnosis Shows

Big or small, your private parties and events need to be memorable. Give your guest lasting memories and make your party the talk of the town! Holiday gatherings, birthdays, graduations, retirement parties, wedding receptions, and more! There's almost no event we cannot accommodate!

Videos & Social Media

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We thank you for choosing JRK Enterprise for your comedy hypnosis entertainment needs, and remember… the sour taste of a poor show and unhappy guestsisn’t worth the bargain rates that some “entertainers” like to hype. Invest in quality hypnosis entertainment, you and your guests will be glad you did.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Regardless of which performer you book, you can rest assured that each show is customized to fit your needs and desires. From clean family-friendly shows and corporate entertainment, to exciting college hypnosis parties or adult humor comedy shows, there’s no setting we can’t add some excitement to! One thing is for sure, you and your guests will be thoroughly entertained by our unique, one-of-a-kind performance and no two shows are ever quite the same! We invite you to discover why we’re one of the nation’s most popular hypnosis entertainment companies, by getting in touch to discuss your event or start a free quote.

For additional information on booking, our performers or what to expect at your show, call JRK Enterprise today at 800-550-1424 and a member of our staff will be happy to help. You can also write to us though our secure contact form.

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