Hypno Lorenzo

Kimberly Ferreira New Bedford, MA - Jun 6, 2018

I would say that it was a very easy process to contact you and set up the event as well as the ease of knowing that you brought all major sound equipment.  It was nice to know (based on your website) the variety of places you been, so we knew your show would be appropriate for all ages. We really liked how anyone could come and enjoy or participate in the show.  There were a variety of segments and we found that we constantly had a smile or laugh throughout the entire show. I would also say that we had people in our office talk about this event for days following… laughing and talking about how much fun they had and so happy they came!

Tashica Clarke Scarsdale, NY - Jun 6, 2018

Great, Great, Great Show. He keeps you interested throughout the entire show.
When watching those who were actually hypnotized, it was an amazing experience. It made me laugh until I almost came to tears. Can’t wait to have you back again next year.

Erin Moadfferi --, NY - Jun 6, 2018

You could tell beforehand that a few people were leery about the fact that I hired a hypnotist. You really won them over!! You were able to get everyone involved. Even those that weren’t being hypnotized felt like they were part of the experience.

Prior to the show we had discussed a few of the ideas I had, and I told you a lot about the intended audience. I feel like you really listened to what I said and catered your show to those people. You also seemed to have a good handle on which direction to go during the show also.  I’m trying to find an excuse to hire you again, thank you.

Joanne O'Connor - Oxford Mass High School Fundraiser Oxford, MA - Mar 13, 2018

Hypno Lorenzo was very professional and nice to work with. He has an easy-going personality which makes him extremely likable. He has a great presence up on stage and seems to enjoy his work. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a fun and enjoyable show. I would definitely hire him again.

Julia Strong, Masuk High School Monroe, CT - Mar 9, 2018

Lorenzo was entertaining and also ethical while performing. He kept the volunteers safe and provided a fun atmosphere!

Theresa Ackerman --, CT - Jan 22, 2018

I received many calls today regarding the show last night and you were a hit! As a busy working parent involved with the running of a Booster Club, I was looking to do a fundraiser event that did not consume my time/energy and that targeted other students/parents population other than soccer families.  Hypno-Lorenzo was it! Booking the show was easy to do, as Lorenzo’s response through email and or phone calls was prompt. Lorenzo took care of everything, from sound system to music to total entertainment. All we needed to do was sell tickets. I am especially pleased that the Booster Club tried a new fundraiser and we made a profit. It was an easy, fun and profitable fundraiser for our booster club and many people already requested that we book him again for next year.   I am encouraged to know that more people are on board for us to do this again next year and I know through word of mouth, many more people will attend.  The varsity coach loved it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Bonnie Corpolongo --, NY - Dec 23, 2017

Many of my co-workers doubted you at first. Then couldn’t believe what hypnotism did. The day after the party all of my co-workers could not stop talking about your show. It didn’t make a difference if they were watching or actually hypnotized, it was enjoyed so much. The stories will live for quite a while. Thank you.

Dolores Hallsworth Marmora, NJ - Nov 17, 2017

Dear Lorenzo, Thank you so much for your spectacular show today. The staff of the Primary School haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. You were able to relax people enough to "let their guard down" long enough to have a good time and still relax. My principal has tried very hard to "loosen people up" and your show did that in one hour. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for coming to our building and making us laugh again...and again...and again. I will surely recommend you to other schools when they need a "Pick Me UP!!

Daphne Karns --, CT - Nov 16, 2017

Hi Lorenzo, I just wanted to say that we had a BLAST at the halloween party! Thanks so much for making it unforgettable. You were great! Everyone's still raving about what a great time they had. We're having another party so we can all view the video together. I'm being hounded by our guests about the DVD. Any idea when it will be available so I can pass the word on?  Thanks again!!!

Mr. Valadares --, CT - Oct 18, 2017

Amazing, fun and my guests had a blast, I cannot wait to have you back at my next event.

Susan Garvey - Shelton High School Fundraiser Shelton, CT - Oct 5, 2017

Hello Lorenzo, thank you so much, the kids really had a lot of fun. Your show was the highlight of the year. The kids as well as the students are still talking about it. Looking forward to having you back again for our annual fundraiser.

Katherine Rapp Cross River, NY - Oct 4, 2017

His content was very appropriate for our School audience. It was the perfect fundraiser. As a planner for this event, I found his organization of the show, reasonable pricing, and hilarious hypnosis scenarios a hit. He had the entire audience laughing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you book Hypno Lorenzo, you will have an unforgettable night.

Vickie Bauer Enciino, CA - Sep 26, 2017

Lorenzo immediately developed a great rapport with the audience and it only got better from there. If you are looking for clean entertainment that will allow the audience and those hypnotized to escape the day with laughter then Lorenzo is your man. It was the best entertainment our office has had in the 11 years I have been here.

Angela Poureshmenantalemy, The Hartford Life Insurance Company Hartford, CT - Sep 6, 2017

Lorenzo was unbelievable! I work for a Large Corporation and have many coworkers that have many different personalities. Some co-workers were unsure about a Hypnotist. EVERYONE LOVED IT! I never heard them laugh as much as they did.. In fact, since I was in charge of setting up the entertainment and it was such a hit, I got a Spot Light Award for all my hard work on the party... THANKS LORENZO.. (A co-worker even wants to hire you for a rehearsal dinner for her daughters wedding!!)

Becky Bartlett --, CT - Sep 2, 2017

Everyone loved the show!! The guests are still talking about it. My dad who is hard to please was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes!! Thank you so much for such an amazing show! You made this a great night for my daughter!

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