Let's face it, we are all tired of selling (and buying) the same old candy, popcorn, chicken or spaghetti dinners, candle, entertainment coupon books, etc. that ALL other associations are also selling for their fundraisers.  Not only that, but think of how much selling it takes to make real money while only typically receiving a 30-40% commission on each sale, if that!  Why not easily sell tickets for a live, interactive comedy hypnosis show that will set yourself apart from the rest, while raising the stakes on your fundraising possibilities!  Minimal time investment, no overbuying or product loss, and typically at least a 50% return on your investment if not more with simply selling tickets and hosting the show.

Richard E. Johnson, Aleppo Shrine, Past Potentate 2002 Wilmington, MA - Aug 14, 2018

We were able to raise nearly $3,000. For your assistance, we are truly grateful.

Kimberly Ferreira New Bedford, MA - Jun 6, 2018

I would say that it was a very easy process to contact you and set up the event as well as the ease of knowing that you brought all major sound equipment.  It was nice to know (based on your website) the variety of places you been, so we knew your show would be appropriate for all ages. We really liked how anyone could come and enjoy or participate in the show.  There were a variety of segments and we found that we constantly had a smile or laugh throughout the entire show. I would also say that we had people in our office talk about this event for days following… laughing and talking about how much fun they had and so happy they came!

Joanne O'Connor - Oxford Mass High School Fundraiser Oxford, MA - Mar 13, 2018

Hypno Lorenzo was very professional and nice to work with. He has an easy-going personality which makes him extremely likable. He has a great presence up on stage and seems to enjoy his work. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a fun and enjoyable show. I would definitely hire him again.

Kaleen W Rochester, NY - Feb 11, 2018

A hit for our fundraiser!

From our first email with Jason, he was courteous and professional. He helped every step of the way, from advice to sell tickets to promotional material. He explained everything clearly, and he was open to trying some ideas specific to our school. At our event - which was a family fun night - he was prompt, courteous, and thoroughly entertaining. His show was absolutely perfect the the range of ages we had in our audience. Our audience loved it, and we heard so much great feedback about how much fun the evening was. Thank you, Jason, for helping us achieve our new playground goals!!

Theresa Ackerman --, CT - Jan 22, 2018

I received many calls today regarding the show last night and you were a hit! As a busy working parent involved with the running of a Booster Club, I was looking to do a fundraiser event that did not consume my time/energy and that targeted other students/parents population other than soccer families.  Hypno-Lorenzo was it! Booking the show was easy to do, as Lorenzo’s response through email and or phone calls was prompt. Lorenzo took care of everything, from sound system to music to total entertainment. All we needed to do was sell tickets. I am especially pleased that the Booster Club tried a new fundraiser and we made a profit. It was an easy, fun and profitable fundraiser for our booster club and many people already requested that we book him again for next year.   I am encouraged to know that more people are on board for us to do this again next year and I know through word of mouth, many more people will attend.  The varsity coach loved it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Susan Garvey - Shelton High School Fundraiser Shelton, CT - Oct 5, 2017

Hello Lorenzo, thank you so much, the kids really had a lot of fun. Your show was the highlight of the year. The kids as well as the students are still talking about it. Looking forward to having you back again for our annual fundraiser.

Kathy Brine – Fundraiser for the JW Brine III Foundation Burlington, MA - Aug 24, 2017

Lorenzo, your show was wonderful! Everyone had an amazing time. I wasn't sure exactly how it would be received by everyone and I had a few reservations about it. I was worried that you wouldn't get enough volunteers, but obviously that wasn't a problem. The show was amazing and so much better than I imagined it would be. It exceeded all my expectations. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. Laughter is such a wonderful thing. Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had.  Your show was such a success that I would definitely consider hiring you again next year. Thanks again

Kerry McGuire - Church of the Holy Family Hebron, CT - Aug 23, 2017

Our church group hired HypnoLorenzo for a fundraising event to benefit Haiti. I had seen him perform before and loved the show, so I knew our fundraiser would be successful! Many people volunteered to be hypnotized. HypnoLorenzo knew who was deeply hypnotized and they became the stars of the show! This was a family show; there was no profanity and HypnoLorenzo was always respectful of those  he hypnotized, he never had them do anything embarrassing.  We would definitely ask him back for future shows! Our entire committee was at the show and loved it!  Thank you again!

Reverend Chris Monroe, CT - Jul 5, 2017

We had an amazing and absolutely hilarious time with Hypno Lorenzo.  We are so grateful to Lorenzo for donating the ticket sales to benefit ARC Sacred Center.  You are beautiful and generous soul! THANK YOU for the laughs, love and sense of community you brought to us.  We encourage folks to consider Hypno Lorenzo for your event.  He offers a GREAT time!

Mark LeClair Trumbull, CT - Jun 17, 2017

I just wanted to way thank you once again for your performance last night. I had promoted the evening as "the most entertaining night out ever", and it fulfilled that billing. Oh, and it was a really unusual experience being under hypnosis - something that I had wanted to try for years. Slept like a baby last night!

Mabel Buttress Trumbull, CT - Jun 16, 2017

Hi Lorenzo, although I was unable to attend the fundraiser myself (it was my mother-in-law's 77th birthday yesterday), I'm getting great reviews on your show.  Thanks so much for your help in this successful fundraiser for our church!

Debbie Mraz --, CT - May 27, 2017

Lorenzo, I just wanted to thank you for putting on the wonderful hypnotist show to support the girl's volleyball team fundraiser.  Everyone, adults and students, enjoyed the show. Thanks again

Reg Patchell – Fire Department Fundraiser at Sayles School Baltic, CT - Feb 6, 2017

This was the first time that we have ever done anything like this. Let me tell you that Lorenzo was a GREAT help w to the end. Lorenzo was of GREAT assistance to me in every step of this event, with all of his ideas from the planning stage, helping me to make up posters, ideas on tickets that we sold, etc... EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attended this event went away laughing and smiling including all of those who volunteered to be on stage. If I had not seen this I would not believe it!! Thank you so very much to Mr. Lorenzo, we hope to work with him many many more times over the up coming years.

Chris S. COOPERSTOWN, NY - Oct 1, 2016

Jason's Professionalism was top notch. From the day we made the first contact to the end of the show we were treated to an unbelievable experience. Our guests were treated to an amazing evening of entertainment!! If you are looking for a fundraising event or simply for some entertainment for your company, school, family The Virtual Reality Hypnosis Show should be at the top of your list!

Elmer Getts --, CT - Jun 11, 2016

Dear Lorenzo,

Thank you so much for performing at our Valley Benefit Bash fund-raiser this year on such short notice. We did not know what to expect and were amazed at how fun and exciting your comedy hypnotist show was for everyone. We thought it was insanely funny and cannot remember the last time we laughed that hard. You were definitely the hit of the day. We are sure that next years fund-raiser attendance will increase when the word gets out that you will be back to entertain.
Looking forward to bringing you back next year!

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