We specialize in providing entertainment to those industries who cater to their customers, offering them entertainment that sets them apart from their competition. Our entertainment is ideal for hotels with bars or restaurant establishments, or a banquet hall that is not booked and sitting vacant. What better way to increate bar and food sales, or profit from selling tickets to a show in their vacant facilities. Resorts are always in the need of customer activities and entertainment, and our shows are guaranteed to set you apart from those using the same old boring DJ’s, bands, magicians and comedians. Don’t forget campgrounds! Yes, gone are the days of rest and relaxation in tents under the stars. Seasonal campers love booing seasonal site when they know there’s a wide array of entertainment available for their families during their stay. Our shows have been known for campers to pre-book for the following season as long as they know we will be back!

For additional information on booking, our performers or what to expect at your show, call JRK Enterprise today at 800-550-1424 and a member of our staff will be happy to help. You can also write to us though our secure contact form.

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